Transitional Coaching Services


Bernadette offers you transitional services that enable and support you to move smoothly and effectively through your major career and other life changes. As we all know, the most highly desired and well-planned changes can sometimes create the toughest and unexpected challenges in our professional and personal lives.

Our transition time for such changes is usually limited. We invariably find ourselves faced with the challenge of having to having to hit the ground running in a new role and juggle a number of balls in the air to get through it all successfully.

Bernadette’s transition coaching enables you to presses the pause button for a short time, step back & gain some well needed clarity and visibility of what is in front of you and what you may need to anticipate and prepare for over the horizon – particularly if it involves transitioning into a new role, a new organisation and a new place of residence.

How You Benefit

Her coaching services will assist you to:

  • enhance and sharpen your interview preparation, presentation and technique.
  • obtain valuable input and support preparing your resume, professional bio, linked in profile and other business and career communications.
  • obtain valuable understanding, knowledge and insights of the anticipated changes that your transition will bring – including new role accountabilities, objectives, reporting and accompanying decision making obligations.
  • obtain clarity, support and key tools that will empower you to take control of your own success confidently regarding the anticipated changes to come
  • enable you take step outside of your comfort zone to undertake the transition successfully
  • achieve your greatest potential in the shortest possible timeframe.

Who Should Attend

Individuals who are seeking insights, support and enablement to transition through important life changes and career moves.