“Bernadette is an executive coach with a difference. She has a unique way of leveraging her vast corporate expertise to identify specific actionable strategies that have helped us increase our internal employee engagement levels, improve our brand awareness and overall customer satisfaction. Bernadette is the real deal when it comes to any leader looking to create real value and success for their organisation”

Mark T | Chief Executive Officer

A great way to describe Bernadette is that she is true tactician, thought provoker, and cheerleader all rolled into one. Her optimism, inspiration and terrific support have enabled me to develop key competencies and true confidence to become a far more authentic and capable leader. She has helped me to focus on pivotal areas in my role and introduce innovative paths and solutions that have lifted our business unit profitability to new levels. She has been a valuable asset in my life and I have no hesitation of recommending her to anyone looking for an intuitive, caring and masterful business coach.”

James P | General Manage, Corporate Sales

“I have described Bernadette to my colleagues and friends as a wonderful messenger who came in my life during a time of tough decision-making. She was a trusted adviser who not only helped me make sense of my situation but gave me great decision-making tools, insights and perspectives to help me to move forward meaningfully and create a new path for myself. Every conversation that we have shared has left me feeling empowered and energized. All of this, in addition to her kindness and friendship, makes recommending Bernadette to others such a pleasure.” 

Michael P | Head of Legal

“Bernadette provided me with advice and guidance when I was at an important cross-road in my career. She inspired me to believe in myself and to become more than I thought I was capable of. Her great experience, knowledge and insights helped me to find the right path for my legal career and choose a role that has propelled me forward. She has helped me to build and develop trusting relationships with my team members and across my company. I feel really fortunate to have worked with Bernadette and I strongly recommend her services.”

Ahmed | Senior Legal Counsel

“Bernadette knows how to tap into your “inner core” and equip you with great tools that will enhance and develop your corporate profile, personal brand and overall potential. Her uplifting and buoyant personality is infectious. She put me on a valuable path of self-discovery and helped me to envision and create new horizons for my future. What more can I say! Thank you Bernadette for your wonderful support and guidance.”

Catherine C | Head of Wholesale

“Bernadette has a great way of moving out of your comfort zone and lifting your capabilities to new level. Her values-centered guidance has challenged me to think beyond my current boundaries and has empowered me to create a new and aspirational vision for my future. Her positive attitude is contagious and her follow-through is remarkable. I would certainly work with her again!”

Sarah H | Senior Risk Manager

“I was going through an important career transition a few years ago and was looking for some meaningful direction and professional guidance. Bernadette was there for me through this process. Her quick thinking, incredible intuition and refreshing perspectives were really helpful. She always sees the best in you and inspires you to develop a plan for success which is built upon your values and strengths. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during an important period of my life and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to take their career to a new level.”

Michelle J | Senior Legal Counsel

“Change in your professional life can be difficult but it is far more achievable and helpful when you have a coach like Bernadette to support you through the process. She has enabled me to create a new vision for myself and my department which has lifted our collective performance to a new level. I am very thankful for her services and attribute a lot of my achievements over recent years to her guidance and great coaching skills”

Jeremy P | Head of Compliance