Team Coaching Services

Team-coaching services

Bernadette’s Team Coaching Services inspire teams to excel and deliver outstanding performances through successful engagement and collaboration.

Teams are coached to work cohesively as one unit, with a highly positive, supportive, and empathetic mindset. They are motivated to develop a team focused approach and work seamlessly with shared intelligence - to deliver higher levels of team performance and services that are in the best interests of their organisation.

Sessions are conducted in a harmonious environment to clarify team roles, identify individual the development and improvement of processes, services, and products strengths and development opportunities. Bernadette’s team coaching builds leadership and management competencies and identifies high potential employees for advancement. More importantly, they help to build organisational bench strength and proficiency and lift employee engagement to a new level.

How Teams Benefit

Bernadette’s Team Coaching Model enables teams to lift their performance to new levels by:

  • clarifying roles and various skills, experience, knowledge and competencies
  • identifying team strengths and development needs
  • providing effective tools to the team to combine and apply them successfully.
  • providing a cohesive framework that will:
    • enable share experiences, insights, knowledge and learnings;
    • develop collectively a coherent and beneficial team vision and related values, behaviors and overall team culture;
    • enable effective intra-team communication, engagement and conflict resolution; and
    • support faster planning, reviewing and accountability
    • develop and build overall team spirit and intra-team relationships that are based upon enablement, support and trust.
    • make working in and with the team much more enjoyable!

Who Should Attend

  • Management Teams: Executive teams with high organizational responsibilities who seek to enhance team awareness, problem solving and effectiveness, or who need to ensure cohesive performance at a strategic time, such as the launch of transformational change.
  • Established Long-Standing Teams: Teams who seek to optimize performance and success by reviewing and refreshing their team dynamics and exploring new and innovative ways of working together and achieving new levels of performance and growth.
  • Newly Formed Teams: Teams who have to promptly establish solid communication processes and find ways to cohesively build team spirit & strength and achieve outcomes.