Lawyer Excellence And Performance Program

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As a Senior Lawyer you are expected to deliver high quality legal services to your clients and leadership excellence to your organisation and people. Being a technical expert is not enough to progress your career to the next level and create the sustained value for your organisation. 

The Lawyer Excellence & Performance (LEAP) Program has been developed fill this important gap.

It will ignite your leadership, performance & influence and bring out the very best lawyer in you. The Program has been designed for in-house corporate counsel and private practice lawyers at every level. It can also be customized for individual lawyers and/or legal teams operating in corporate and government enterprises and specific industries. It is designed to enhance your effectiveness across all aspects of your role, develop your leadership capabilities, and maximize your performance.

Program Content

The Program covers the following modules which can be tailored, in content and/or duration, for you and your organisation:

Module 1 – Leadership for Your Role - acquire valuable agile and new client centric leadership skills

Module 2 – Build Valuable Client Relationships - with new performance drivers and customer experience mapping

Module 3 – Enhance Your Leadership and Executive Presence - create authentically impact and empowerment.

Module 4 – Develop Strategic & Adaptive Lawyering - to accelerate your performance, service delivery and career

Module 5 – Build Your Influencing, Negotiation & Communication Skills – to achieve optimal client outcomes

Module 6 – Introducing and Leading Transformational Change as Lawyers - to promote innovation and organisational growth

Module 7 – Working with External Service Providers - to optimize service delivery and achieve valuable and pivotal outcomes

Module 8 – Provide Innovative Solutions to Business Issues - with mindset tools that promote critical and lateral thinking

How You Benefit

  • This course enables you, as a lawyer and executive, to become an authentic and valued leader of your organisation.
  • It will empower you as a leader to self-reflect and bring out the best leader within you – to understand and build your self-concept - the cornerstone of who you are as a leader and lawyer.
  • This course will develop your inner core strengths, skills and abilities and your outer core executive presence to build trust, loyalty and commitment across all relationships that impact your legal role, especially the people that you lead and the clients that you serve.
  • It will help you to set and achieve meaningful goals, performance targets and a clear sense of business direction for you and your legal team.
  • It will enable you to revisit your short and long term priorities and most of all focus upon the professional and personal legacy that you wish to leave behind.

Who Should Attend

Participants in this program should occupy roles as leaders of in-house legal departments (i.e. General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, Head of Legal and Senior Corporate Counsel), corporate counsel and senior lawyers in law firms. Those planning to transition into an in-house leadership role or senior law firm position should also attend. In-house legal leaders from government and not-for-profit organizations are also welcome to apply.

Class size is limited to ensure a collegial and small group setting and courses can be structured and tailored specifically for legal teams within a corporation or law firm or be staged to accommodate a broad group of participants across geographies and industries.