Executive Coaching Services


Bernadette’s Executive Coaching Services enable you become a more authentic, agile and accomplished leader. Her Services are focused on developing your leadership mastery in four pivotal spheres, to successfully achieve your organisation’s vision, strategy and performance outcomes:

Mental Agility – to strengthen your inner core and achieve results
Inner Mastery – to become a conscious and enabling leader
Change Mastery – to accomplish strategic transformation
Strategic Goal Mastery – to achieve high-impact growth and market leadership

Her Services are delivered to you in a highly confidential, felxible and interactive manner – either in easy flowing modules, one to one sessions and/or courses using concepts and materials that are simple and swift to apply. They can be tailored in duration and content to accommodate your specific requirements and organisational objectives.

How You Benefit

Bernadette’s Executive Coaching Services enable you to:

  • Develop high-performance leadership capabilities for your organisation - that improve your leadership effectiveness, agility and impact.
  • Develop your leadership influence – whilst seeking to learn and grow in alignment with your inner core values and vision.
  • Improve your intuitive decision-making capabilities- by learning how to use your levels of inner consciousness effectively to create a new vision for yourself and your career.
  • Explore deeper inner change - including powerful skills to increase, your self-awareness, self-concept and resilience - by letting go of your inner doubts and limiting beliefs and replacing them with a strong and passionate mindset.
  • Empower the most important relationship of all - the one which you have with yourself, to achieve positive impact and long term success in your life.

Who Should Attend

Executive Coaching Services are designed for C- suite executives who are or are seeking to operate at or near the top of their organisations – including board directors, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, executive leadership team members, partners and associates in professional firms, board secretaries, entrepreneurs, owners of small to medium enterprises.

“You have a choice to make… It’s a choice about how to live and lead… a choice between living on autopilot and living on purpose.”

Joshua Freedman, At the Heart of Leadership