Executive Coaching Service for Lawyers


Lawyers seek to consistently evolve to stay on top of their game and deliver real value to their organisations. Bernadette has applied her many years of experience, knowledge and insights as a group general counsel, to create executive coaching services specifically for lawyers, that inspire outstanding value, performances and leadership.

Bernadette will help you to develop a trusted and enduring personal brand, which is designed to generate new business from both current and new clients. She will equip you with an ambitious leadership action plan that magnifies your executive presence across your organisation and strengthens your leadership style and effectiveness with your team.

Her coaching services will build your inner core capabilities and empower you to succeed as both a lawyer and a leader. They will also enable you to lift your performance to a new level for the benefit of your enterprise, while maximizing your personal satisfaction in your role.

How You Benefit

These services are tailored to enable you to:

  • lead with influence and power and create sustained value for your organisation.
  • grow your practice and client satisfaction levels - and how and where to begin.
  • become the leader of a “go to” legal department - where your legal services are so valued that they are sought out by your clients at the start of transactions and not later.
  • build a high-performance team and how to effectively partner with business teams – to achieve sustained client satisfaction and appreciation.
  • move from specific practice areas - and branch out into more inspiring ones.
  • positively influence your key stakeholders with enhanced executive presence – including your board, CEO, executive committee and team members.
  • deliver your budgetary targets and relationship manage external service providers - effectively in the best interests of your organisation and clients.
  • prepare effective and measurable individual and departmental KPIs.
  • create a new governance framework for your department that delivers positive transformational change with - new inspired values, vision, practices and policies and risk management strategies that are aligned to your organisation’s strategic goals.
  • build rapport and strong and trusted relationships - with your executive team, legal department and board of directors.
  • create a beneficial life/ work balance – and determine when to pull back and how to share responsibilities.

Who Should Attend

Executive Coaching For Lawyers Services are tailored to suit Partners and Associates in law firms, leaders of in-house legal departments (i.e. General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, Head of Legal and Senior Corporate Counsel), corporate counsel and or those planning to transition into such roles.