Diamond Plus Leadership Program

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Most leaders strive to become inspirational leaders of their organisation and their people. A gap often arises though between what they themselves believe they should be doing and achieving in their roles, and what they are in fact doing and achieving.

The Diamond Plus Leadership Program has been created by Bernadette to bridge this important gap and enable you to become a more authentic, effective and admired leader of your organisation and people that you lead. Her proven Diamond Plus Leadership Model is applied throughout the Program to enable participants to shift personal behavior in the areas that would give their leadership the greatest leverage, authenticity, value and impact. The Program has key organisational, inter-personal and intra-personal components which will and enable you to master the key four intelligence quotients and awaken your inner conscious intelligence to become the leader that you truly wish to be.

How You Benefit

This course will provide you with the tools and mindset to become an authentic and empowered leader of your organisation and its people.

  • It will enable you to:
    • gain a better understanding of your current leadership style, its origins and how it can be enhanced to deliver growth for your organisation and create powerful, trusting and enduring relationships, which form the cornerstone of your success as a leader.
    • develop new and agile leadership competencies that create positive impact through identification, development, feedback and practice.
    • identify and optimally develop your inner core leader strengths, skills and abilities by enabling you to self-reflect as a leader and build your self-concept – which is the foundation of all of your leadership competencies.
    • develop an outer core executive presence that builds genuine trust, loyalty and commitment with the people that you lead and the clients that you serve.
    • shift your current behaviour to amplify your strengths and give you a renewed sense of urgency across the accountabilities of your role.
    • set and achieve your professional goals, performance targets and give you a clear sense of business direction for your organisation.
    • revisit your short and long term life goals and priorities and most of all focus upon the professional and personal legacy that you wish to leave behind.

Who Should Attend

The Diamond Plus Leadership Program is designed for those who seek to operate at or near the top of their organisations and who strive to take inspired action to develop the leader within them.

This includes CEOs, managing directors and executives either in large and medium-sized corporations; senior partners in professional firms; entrepreneurs; owners of small to medium enterprises and board members of such organisations.