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Drive your career to a new level and fuel both your personal and professional life

Give yourself the strategic edge to stand out from the crowd and become unstoppable

Accelerate your performance and elevate your executive presence to a new level

Develop your core competencies to become a more agile and authentic leader

Obtain valuable tools that will lift your inner belief and achieve your life aspirations


Executive Coaching

Executive development coaching that build outstanding performances and enables you to deliver maximum results for your organisation and most importantly for yourself.


Team Coaching

Inspiring teams to work harmoniously - to maximize their performance and achieve exceptional results by leading, succeeding and exceeding together.


Leadership Courses & Programs

Designed to grow the leader within you and empower you with transformational learning, models, and tools to lift your performance and strategic capabilities to higher levels.


Personal Success Coaching

Personalised success coaching that place you at the driver’s seat of your life and gives you unique tools and support to achieve your highest aspirations and vision for your future.


Lawyer Coaching

Specialised personal coaching - giving lawyers a valuable competitive edge and tools to enable them to lift their productivity, profile, job satisfaction and overall performance.


Lawyer Leadership Program

Designed specifically for lawyers to build key leadership skills and empower them for success by taking their performance and strategic capabilities to new levels.


What clients are saying:

  • Bernadette brings a rare and valuable combination of seasoned business executive and coaching, with unique perspectives and listening skills. Her coaching style is a great fit for any business leader who wants to perform at the highest level. She provided me with new skills, insights and concepts that I will use and value for the rest of my career

    – Robert H | Global Division Director

  • Bernadette’s coaching services were both inspirational and invaluable to me. She was thorough and thoughtful and did a great job. I learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. She is not only challenging and insightful, but also highly empathetic, with remarkable instincts and valuable business knowledge. I am personally indebted to her and recommend her services unreservedly.

    – Allison K | Group General Counsel

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